A perfect blend of classic singer songwriter, modern folk & americana

Debut Album ‘Wave Machine’

out now!

Bayfield’s songbird vocal beguiles with great depth of feeling. Haunting ‘Lullaby’ has stirring reverential power.” – 4/5 stars RnR

“A fine body of work” 8/10 – Americana UK

One of the finest debuts you’ll hear in the folk meets Americana fields of music..Hitchhiker is a perfect piece of Americana pop.4/5 Get Ready To Rock

Featuring Paul Sartin, Phil Beer, Beth Porter, Ben Please, Toby Shaer, David Edward Booth, Ruth Wall, Nick Zala  & Scott Neubert


“Kelly has a beautiful voice that has an almost timeless and lyrical quality to it, which dovetails beautifully with the pastoral content of her superbly crafted songs”

Phil Beer

This could be the start of something special.”