Kelly Bayfield’s effortless vocals have been likened to Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter, and her ear for “lush Stillsian harmonies” and natural talent for songwriting have put her in high demand in her home county of Suffolk and beyond. Regular appearances on BBC radio and at rootsy festivals such as Maverick & FolkEast, together with collaborations alongside Kev Walford, David Edward Booth, Honey and The Bear and New Orleans crooner Drew Young have all provided the perfect springboard for her eagerly anticipated solo album release later this year. Expect her usual “limpid clarity” and “fluid Jazz-phrasing” on Carpenter-esque songs like  ‘Hitchhiker’, and ‘John Mahoney’, alongside “moody Renaissance-style proggy folk” of ‘The Whistling Man’. A Perfect Blend of Classic Singer-Songwriter, Modern Folk & Americana.

(Quotes courtesy of Plunger Music, and RnR Magazine)